EagleBio’s Chromogranin A ELISA Utilized in a Sepsis Study

A recent study was conducted by the University Health Science Center utilizing the Chromogranin A ELISA in our Cancer Biomarker Assay Kit Line.  The Cancer Biomarker Assay Kit Line offered Eagle Biosciences provides a comprehensive array of sensitive and valuable tools to assist researchers in new emerging market segments in cancer research such as tumor marker and antitumor therapy investigation. Check out the product pages for full details on the kit or view the links below to find a new publication referencing our Chromogranin A ELISA.  Our Chromogranin A ELISA is for Research Use Only.



Hsu, C. et al “Chromogranin A levels and mortality in patients with severe sepsis.” Biomarkers: 20(3):171-176.

Study Summary:


Chromogranin A (CgA) is a novel biomarker with potential to assess mortality risk of patients with severe sepsis. Serum chromogranin A (CgA) levels were measured in 50 hospitalized, severely septic patients with organ failure using EageBio’s commercially available human Chromogranin A ELISA Assay Kit. The purpose of this study was to assess the association of CgA levels and mortality risk of severely septic patients. 

The results of this study revealed higher CgA levels that trended toward higher ICU and hospital mortality. Patients without cardiovascular disease who died in the ICU had higher median (IQR) CgA levels 602.3 (343.3, 1134.3) ng/ml versus 205.5 (130.7, 325.9) ng/ml, p = 0.01. Normal serum CgA level in healthy adults is less than 100 ng/ml. Based on these results and that overall data from this study, it was concluded that high CgA levels predict ICU mortality in severely septic patients without prior cardiovascular disease.



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