February 2015-  Eagle Biosciences, Inc. is pleased to introduce a new Multispecies ELISA Assay kit. This assay was developed at IBT (Immunological and Biochemical
Testsystems GmbH) in Germany. IBT’s core business surrounds the production of
high quality products in the field of Endocrinology and other related areas of

This kit is designed for the simple and very
sensitive determination of Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 is also
known as somatomedin C, and is a polypeptide of 70 amino acids and is a growth factor
for a wide range of cell types. IGF-1 is associated with cancer, neuropathy,
stroke, growth/development, aging, malnutrition/malabsorption, hypothyroidism, obesity, liver
disease, kidney disease, diabetes mellitus complications, and chronic
inflammatory disease.

ELISA kit has excellent specificity for multiple species such as human, porcine, bovine and guinea pig with results in under 4 hours.”
said Dan Keefe, President of Eagle. He continued, “This product certainly
offers a lot in terms of versatility and is an exceptional addition to our
Endocrine Assay Kit line.”

products are currently for research use only. Check out the links below, visit
the Eagle website, www.EagleBio.com, or call 866-411-8023 for full details.


Multispecies IGF-1 ELISA

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