Vitamin-D Could Help Patients with Insomnia

In a new study released by Nutritional Neuroscience, Vitamin D supplements may increase quality of sleep in some patients. A double blind, clinical trial was conducted on 89 people between 20-50 years old. The patients were divided into two groups; 44 who will take at least 50,000 units of vitamin D for 8 weeks, and 45 people who will take a placebo. In order to understand each patients quality of sleep they all performed a Petersburg’s Sleep Quality QuestionnaireInternational Physical Activity Questionnaire, general information questionnaire, sun exposure, vitamin D serum level and 3-day food record questionnaire both before and after the study. 

The results of this study showed that a decrease in vitamin D levels also decreases the quality of sleep a patient has. Those patients that took the vitamin D supplements showed a decrease in sleep latency, as well as a better sleep score than those who took a placebo. The conclusion of this study shows promising insight into future studies as ways to help those who suffer from a diagnosed sleep disorder with the use of vitamin D therapies. 

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