cancer still continues to have a bleak prognosis despite many advances in
chemotherapy and surgical procedures .In
fact, pancreatic cancer has the worst survival rate of all cancers with only a
small percentage surviving over 5 years after diagnosis. Now, researchers at
the University of Missouri have discovered that a molecule that can used as a
communication system by bacteria can be manipulated to prevent cancer cells
from not only spreading but possibly killing them all together. Read more This
study demonstrated that using such a molecule to combat cancer decreases cell
viability, promotes apoptosis by activating caspases, and inhibits the wound
healing process. It shows amazing
promise for pancreatic cancer however, further research is needed in vivo. Read more

for pancreatic cancer has increased over the last several years yet it still
only gets one percent of research funding. How is this possible…one of the most
deadly cancers receives only ONE PERCENT of funding?!  Pancreatic cancer is severely underfunded
just like Alzheimer’s as we mentioned in one of our previous blogs, 10 Reasons to Keep with your Vitamin D Levels. We
chose to highlight this new pancreatic cancer research in this blog not only
because it is a significant step towards a cure but also because some folks
from Eagle Biosciences will be walking this weekend in the New England Pancreatic Research Walk in
support of the cause and to support a friend who has lost a loved one.

Lustgarten Foundation is
a private foundation created by Cablevision to
dedicate funding pancreatic research. Cablevision underwrites all of the
foundations costs so that 100% of every donation goes to this research. If you
want to donate to the Lustgarten Foundation Click here or
to donate to the personal cause that we walk for this weekend Click here.

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