EagleBio’s DM1 Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) ELISA ASSAY Kit was recently used in a Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center study.  This assay is part of our Drug Monitoring Assay Kit line which offers a unique grouping of assays that provide incredible value to pre-clinical and clinical pharmacology studies, cancer research, and more specifically antitumor therapeutic investigation and more.

Yao H-P, Feng L, Zhou J-W, Zhang R-W, Wang M-H. Therapeutic evaluation of monoclonal antibody-maytansinoid conjugate as a model of RON-targeted drug delivery for pancreatic cancer treatment. American Journal of Cancer Research. 2016;6(5):937-956. PMID:27293990

“Blood samples were collected at different time intervals. DM1-coupled Zt/g4 was measured using a DM1 antibody ELISA kit (EagleBiosciences, Inc., Nashua, NH).”

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