Utilizing urine as a source to generate electricity is quite odd and definitely a little off-putting and why in the world would you want to do that?!

A recent study at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) has proved that it is in fact a creative idea. These researchers focused first on designing ways to use urine to power mobile phones. They were able to demonstrate that electricity generated by microbial fuel cell stacks (MFC) could create the power that they needed by employing live microbes which feed on urine (fuel) for their own growth and maintenance. The MFC is an efficient system which extracts a portion of the biochemical energy used for microbial growth,and thereby converts that directly into electricity or as the scientists refer to it as urine-tricity or pee power.  Learn More

The MFC Techonology is:

1. Green: 

Utilizing a waste product that is in plentiful supply is always a wise choice because it provides an efficient and cost effective means without the use of fossil fuels.

2. Versatile:

This technology could be used anywhere and potentially for numerous other applications. In fact, they are looking to try this in refugee camps to light up toilets to provide safety to women from being assaulted when using the bathroom after dark. 

image above from www.sciencedaily.com