Eagle Biosciences’ Steroid Assay Kit line offers an array of interesting and sensitive assays for different hormone analytes and research needs. OurFree Testosterone ELISA is a top seller at Eagle Biosciences and continues to be a valuable tool for researchers in various fields of study. It offers a variety advantages over other kits in the market and it is recognized for its ability to measure the free or unbound fraction of serum testosterone with unsurpassed sensitivity and accuracy.

Why Measure Free Testosterone with EagleBio’s Kit?

1. Excellent Specificity: 100% specificity to free testosterone

2. Unsurpassed Sensitivity: lowest detectable concentration is 0.04 pg/ml

3. Quick and Simple Test Results: < 2hours

4. Easy to Automate

Our Free Testosterone ELISA Kit is a 2nd generation assay and is more sensitive, accurate, and precise than the previous versions with less interference of matrix effects in samples. It provides an excellent correlation to free androgen index (total Testosterone/SHBG) and is an effective means to truly capture the unbound or free testosterone in each sample thereby estimating the physiologically bioactive hormone.

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