Magic, Ancient Concoction Kills Today’s Superbugs

A recent discovery of an ancient remedy could have surprising and hopeful implications for microbiology and more specifically, combating highly resistant bacteria (a.k.a. superbugs).  This concoction was found in a medieval medical textbook for treating eye infections and could possibly date back as early as the 9th century.  The magic ingredients include 2 species of Allium (garlic and onion or leak), wine, and bile from a cow’s stomach. 

Superbugs have been a growing health concern and threat around the world with increasing antibiotic resistance.  Treatments, procedures, and infections that were once simple are now complicated and often deadly because these bugs. So it was shocking to researchers and scientists at the University of Nottingham to see how effective this specific combination of ingredients were when they tested them against nasty bacterial strains such as MRSA.  

Referring to methods and remedies in the past before science and the germ theory was really understood is a crazy thought.  However, evidence suggests that ancient scientists were on to something…something that could possibly take the world out of this antibiotic resistant era. Learn More