EagleBio's New SDMA Assay


SDMA (Symmetric Dimethylarginine) ELISA is for Research Use Only.

SDMA (Symmetric Dimethylarginine) ELISA is one of the unique assays in the this Oxidative Stress Assay Kit Line that offers a variety of advantages over competing kits such as excellent specificity, sensitivity, and excellent correlation to LC-MS/MS.  

EagleBio’s SDMA (Symmetric Dimethylarginine) ELISA NOW has some new enhancements to offer more benefits and further assist our customers in their kidney function research.

Assay Updates:

  • Updated Assay protocol
  • Results in 3 hours rather than overnight
  • Human, Canine, and Feline SDMA can be measured
  • Small Sample size required – just 20 µl
  • Strong Correlation with LC/MS

The new  SDMA Fast ELISA is now very fast and precise. This test delivers for the first time precise results in less than 3 hours!  Check out the product page for more details Here.

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