Looking for work? The Tooth Fairy may be recruiting new talent.
Is it possible that the days of the tooth fairy visiting your house and leaving
your child money are over?! We may have to start paying her for her newly
acquired task. New research is being done to investigate the process of nerve
cells spontaneously forming into stem cells. Read more

This opens doors for a variety of emerging areas of research and therapies such
as Diabetes, spinal cord injuries, and several other diseases/medical conditions. One company has taken
advantage of this opportunity and has started offering a bank to store teeth
for those who may need or worry about needing stem cell therapy in the future. Read more

So I ask you… do we need to leave special instructions under our child’s
pillow for the Tooth Fairy if we want their teeth to be delivered to
Store-a-Tooth to become toothsicles?!

But in all seriousness, this is fascinating research that could lead to amazing medical breakthroughs.