Smart Skin- Giant Step for Prosthetics

A prosthetic hand, covered with the prosthetic skin

New “Smart
Skin” may be the answer for prosthetic patients regaining their sense of touch
with their bionic limbs. In recent
experiments, researchers have coated prosthetic skin with electronics including
heating devices and sensors. This new
skin is remarkably sensitive and capable of sensing a wide variety of data in
a way that is so vastly similar to that of a real limb. This skin can detect such as
information as temperature, humidity, stretching and pressure. 

Over the past few years, many research groups around the globe have been
developing bionic arms and legs that could help patients replace lost limbs. They have been looking for ways to improve
upon these limbs striving to make them look and more importantly feel more
real. This new technology brings lots of hope but it also brings safety concerns as well.  There will be a lot more testing and trials involved but this would be a giant step for prosthetics and patients in need of them.  Read More

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