Nashua, NH: Eagle Biosciences announces the
product launch of a handful of robust kits including Free Beta HCG ELISA, PAPP-A ELISA, Calcitonin ELISA, Renin ELISA, and Troponin I ELISA. These assays were developed by Diametra in
Italy ( and will be great additions to our steroid hormone,
bone metabolism, and oxidative stress lines respectively. Diametra develops and manufactures innovative
products in target diagnostic segments such as autoimmune diseases, fertility,
and a wide variety of other research areas. They pride themselves on the quality of their products and providing top-notch
service thus aligning well with Eagle Biosciences’ goals and philosophies.

Free Beta HCG ELISA and the PAPP-A ELISA are very
sensitive and specific assays that provide quick results within a couple of
hours. These analytes provide tremendous value to pregnancy and fertility
research as a whole in terms of predicting abnormal pregnancy/disease states. The
third product launched is the Calcitonin ELISA which utilizes simultaneous capture
of an antigen by two monoclonal antibodies that provide the kit with excellent
specificity with no interferences from other hormones.Calcitonin is useful in several research
areas and has particular importance in research/diagnosis of medullary thyroid
cancer and the study of the pathophysiology of calcium and bone metabolism. Renin ELISA and Troponin ELISA, the last two
kits in the new cohort of products from Diametra offer a wide dynamic range and
excellent sensitivity.Together they
will provide accurate and valuable results to researchers studying hypertension
and myocardial damage respectively.

“It is always our goal to provide quality
products that meet researchers’ needs and these products from Diametra do just
that.” said Dan Keefe, President of EagleBio. He continued, “These assays all serve a unique purpose in a variety of
emerging areas of research and they certainly will complement their respective
product lines well.”

Eagle will be offering promotional pricing for
the Free Beta HCG ELISA, PAPP-A ELISA, Calcitonin ELISA, Renin ELISA, and
Troponin ELISA within the next few months. These products are currently for
research use only. Check out the Eagle website or call
866-411-8023 for full details.