Tau-441 (2N4R) Wild-Type Pre-formed Fibrils (Baculovirus/Sf9)


The Tau-441 (2N4R) Wild-Type Pre-formed fibrils (Baculovirus/Sf9) are for research use only and not to be used for diagnostic procedures. Contact us for bulk pricing.

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Tau-441 (2N4R) Wild-Type Pre-formed Fibrils (Baculovirus/Sf9)

Tau-441 (2N4R) Wild-Type Pre-formed Fibrils (Baculovirus/Sf9) are For Research Use Only

Size: 100 ug
Species: Human
Expression System: Baculovirus (Sf9)
Buffer: 1X PBS pH 7.4
Storage Temperature: -80ºC
Alternative Names: MAPT, intracellular neurofibrillary tangles, NFTs, paired helical filaments, PHFs, 2N4R
Research Areas:: Alzheimer’s Disease, Neurodegeneration, Neuroscience, Tangles & Tau

This product is manufactured in Canada by StressMarq.

Scientific Background

Brain-specific tau isoforms vary in the number of N-terminal inserts and C-terminal repeat domains due to alternative splicing of exons; the 2N4R isoform of tau is expressed in adult brain yet is absent from the fetal brain. Tau (tubulin-associated unit) is normally located in the axons of neurons where it stabilized microtubules. Tauopathies such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) are characterized by neurofibrillary tangles containing hyper-phosphorylated tau fibrils. Hyper-phosphorylated tau can be generated via expression in the Sf9/Baculovirus system, with up to 20 sites confirmed by mass spectrometry and Western Blots with phospho-specific antibodies. These Sf9/Baculovirus-expressed Tau 2N4R Pre-Formed Fibrils are generated without heparin.

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