Mycoplasma DNA Detection Kit (qPCR)


The Mycoplasma DNA Detection Kit (qPCR) is designed for the detection of mycoplasma contamination in master cell bank, working cell bank, cells for clinical use, and biological products. This kit conforms to relevant regulations about mycoplasma testing in EP2.6.7 and JP XVI. The Mycoplasma DNA Detection Kit is for research use only and not to be used for diagnostic procedures.

Mycoplasma DNA Detection Kit (qPCR)

The Mycoplasma DNA Detection Kit (qPCR) is For Research Use Only

Size: 100 Reactions

Assay Principle

This kit adopts the qPCR-fluorescent probe method. The kit is a rapid, specific and reliable device and can finish the detection within 2 hours.

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life

The shelf life is 24 months when stored at -20℃ and below.


After five freeze-thaw tests, the performance of the Mycoplasma DNA Detection Kit was not affected.

Test Instrument

  • CFX96 (Bio-Rad)

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