Insect Cell Host Cell DNA Kit


The Insect Cell Host Cell DNA Kit is for accurate quantitation of insect cell host cell DNA from cell culture supernatant and other biological preparations. The Insect Cell Host Cell DNA Kit is for research use only and not to be used for diagnostic procedures.

Insect Cell Host Cell DNA Kit

The Insect Cell Host Cell DNA Kit

Size: 1 x 96 wells
Calibrator Range: 0 – 1000 ng/mL
Sample Size: 300 uL
Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernatant and other Biological Preparations

Kit Background

For the production of biotechnological products, expression of therapeutic proteins in insect cells is commonly used. Due to which there is a possibility of DNA contamination from the host cells in the products which are manufactured. However, the limit of DNA contamination from the cell lines has been set by regulatory agencies According to WHO the limit of DNA contamination should not exceed 10 ng/dose in the products manufactured. One of the most common method which is widely used for detection of host cell DNA contamination by biopharmaceutical manufacturers is the PicoGreenTM Dye based assay. The research and development department at Krishgen Biosystems has designed a kit to detect and quantify host cell DNA in the products manufactured by recombinant expression in insect cell lines based on PicoGreenTM Dye assay.

Kit Principle

This kit is based on the DNA dye binding assay which utilizes PicoGreen dye. The DNA samples and the standards are reacted with PicoGreen dye, which is a DNA intercalator that binds strongly to the double stranded DNA. Upon binding to DNA, PicoGreen dye fluoresces with an excitation of 485 nm and emission of 525 nm. The intensity of the fluorescent signal is proportional to the quantity of DNA in the standard or the samples.

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