GA-map Stool Sample Collection Kit


The GA-map Dysbiosis Test Sample Collection Kit is for use with the GA-Map Dysbiosis Test Lx. This item is for research use only and not to be used for diagnostic procedures.

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GA-map® Stool Sample Collection Kit

GA-map Stool Sample Collection Kit is Developed and Manufactured in Norway by Genetic Analysis

The GA-map Stool Sample Collection Kit contains:

  • Fecal Sampling Paper
  • eNAT™ tube w/ FLOQSwab

Note: After sampling, fecal samples on eNAT™ buffer can be stored at temperature 4 to 40°C up to 14 days before analysis.

GA-map® Dysbiosis Test Lx Principle

The GA-map Dysbiosis Test Lx is a tool that allows mapping of the intestinal microbiota profile for a selected set of bacteria in a sample. The GA-map® Dysbiosis Test is based on advances in DNA profiling using probes targeting variable regions (V3 to V7) of the bacterial 16S rRNA gene to characterize and identify bacteria present. The targets are identified in a molecular multiplex assay that utilizes the Single Nucleotide Primer Extension (SNuPE) technology patented by professor Knut Rudi of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (​NMBU) (US6617138). A unique algorithm takes advantage of all the data generated by the detection of the SnuPE products to determine the microbiota profile in the sample. The algorithm is incorporated in the GA-map® Dysbiosis Analyzer software that accompanies the test. The GA-Map Dysbiosis Test Lx has been validated on the Luminex® 200™, as well as the Luminex MAGPIX®.

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