easYmer HLA-B*57:01 MHC Tetramer Kit


The easYmer HLA-B*57:01 MHC Tetramers Kit can be used to generate monomers that can be easily and used to analyze T-cells by flow cytometry. This product is for research use only and is not intended for use in diagnostic or clinical procedures.

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easYmer HLA-B*57:01 MHC Tetramer Kit

The easYmer HLA-B*57:01 MHC Tetramer Kit is for Research Use Only

Materials Included in Kit:

  • easYmer: HLA-B*57:01 – peptide receptive, biotinylated in Tris/Maleate pH 7 with 30% Glycerol
  • Folding Buffer: Tris/Maleate pH 7
  • Peptide: KTWGKNLVF, a stable HLA-B*57:01 binder
    Positive control for evaluation analysis of peptide-HLA folding

Available Sizes:

  • 20 Tests (Sample Size)
  • 50 Tests (Standard Size)
  • 150 Tests
  • 500 Tests

Key Benefits of easYmer® MHC Tetramers

  • Ready-to-use
  • One step loading
  • Completely flexible and customizable*
  • Biotinylated
  • No special equipment needed
  • Long shelf-life

*For Custom Tetramer Production, please Contact Us for more information

easYmers can be used to generate monomers with your choice of peptide. The monomers can easily be tetramerized with fluorophore conjugated streptavidin and used to analyse T cells by flow cytometry. The easYmer reagent can also be used to evaluate specific peptide-HLA I binding.

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Product Developed and Manufactured by immunAware

Additional Information

Assay Background

The easYmer® MHC Tetramers Kit features a highly active formulation of HLA class I (HLA-I) molecules, which can be used to generate specific peptide-HLA class I monomers of your choice in your own laboratory. These monomers can easily be tetramerized with fluorophore conjugated streptavidin and used to stain antigen specific T-cells for analysis in flow cytometric assays. Optionally, the monomers can be stored frozen for later use. The easYmer® technology is highly flexible and suitable for screening of a single epitope in a large number of samples, as well as for screening of a large number of different epitopes in parallel.

Assay Principle

This protocol is designed to evaluate the efficiency of peptide-HLA-I interaction and complex formation. The assay is based on detecting the ß2-microglobulin (ß2m? light chain subunit of recombinant HLA Class I (HLA-I) comlexes, where the heavy chain has been biotin tagged. These tagged complexes are subsequently captured by streptavidin coated beads, labeled with PE-conjugated anti-human ß2m, and analyzed by flow cytometry. Since peptide-HLA-I complex formation is entirely peptide dependent, bead-associated signals will only be detected if the peptide in question supports the folding of the HLA-I allotype of interest; peptides that efficiently support folding will give strong signals whereas peptides that support folding sub-optimally, or not at all, will give moderate to non-detectable signals.


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