Anticonjugated D-Serine Polyclonal Antibody


The Eagle Biosciences Anti-Conjugated D-Serine Antibody is for research use only.

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Anticonjugated D-Serine Polyclonal Antibody

The Anticonjugated D-Serine Polyclonal Antibody is For Research Use Only

The Eagle Biosciences anti-conjugated D-Serine antibody was tested in competitive ELISA and it did not show any significant cross reactivity with D-Serine analogs, including L-Serine and D-Threonine.

Synonyms:Anti-D-Serine rabbit polyclonal antibody
Immunogen:Conjugated D-Serine
Size:  50µl
Storage:  4°C

Affinity & Specificity

Competitive ELISA demonstrates that low amounts of D-Serine conjugate are required to abolish antigen-antibody reaction (high affinity), while rising concentrations of L-Serine and D-Threonine conjugates do not affect reaction (high specificity).

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