Anti-Protein Kinase C E (Epsilon)


The Eagle Biosciences Anti-Protein Kinase C E (Epsilon) is for research use only.

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Anti-Protein Kinase C E (Epsilon)

For Research Use Only
Catalog Number: PKC00-A100
Aliquot: 100 µL
Storage: -70°C
For Research Use Only

Product Developed and Manufactured in the USA

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DESCRIPTION:This polyclonal antibody is produced in rabbit and is provided as antiserum specific for Protein Kinase C Epsilon (PKC ε).

MOLECULAR WEIGHT:83.7 kDa Calculated


STORAGE BUFFER:Phosphate Buffered Saline; 0.05% Sodium Azide

STORAGE:–70°C.  AVOID REPEATED FREEZE THAW CYCLES.  Has demonstrated stability at 4 °C for greater than 1 month.

IMMUNOGEN:KLH conjugated synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acids 721- 737 of PKC ε.

Sequence: 721N-Q-E-E-F-K-G-F-S-Y-F-G-E-D-L-M-P737


APPLICATIONS:Western Blotting: 1:1,000 Dilution

SPECIES SPECIFICITY:Human, mouse and rat among other mammalian species.

REFERENCE:JBC (1993) 268:20110-20115


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