Active Human Recombinant Gamma Synuclein Protein Monomer


Type 1 alpha synuclein preformed fibrils seed the formation of new alpha synuclein fibrils from the pool of alpha synuclein monomers. Contact us for bulk pricing.

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Active Human Recombinant Gamma Synuclein Protein Monomer

For Research Use Only

Specificity: 13.33 kDa
Species: Human
Expression System: E. coli
Buffer: PBS pH 7.4
Storage Temperature: -80ºC

Product manufactured in Canada by StressMarq.

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Scientific Background

Gamma synuclein is a neuronal protein found in peripheral and motor nerve systems. It has been implicated in the hippocampal axon pathology in Parkinson’s Disease (1). A change in the expression of gamma synuclein has been observed in the retina of patients with Alzheimer’s disease (2). Its expression in breast tumors is also a marker for tumor progression (3).

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