25-OH Vitamin D HPLC Control Set


The 25-OH Vitamin D HPLC Control Set can be used with the 25-OH Vitamin D HPLC Assay Kit (VD331 – H100) with 5 mL each with 2 levels.

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25-OH Vitamin D HPLC Control Set

The 25-OH Vitamin D HPLC Control Set is For Research Use Only

Size:  5 mL each, 2 levels

Assay Background

Vitamin D is one of the most important essential bioregulators of the Ca2+- and phosphate metabolism in higher animals. Together with the peptide hormones parathormone and calcitonin it is responsible to obtain the Ca2+- and phosphate homoeostasis.  The most important physiological functions of vitamin D are the stimulation of the intestinal resorption of Ca2+ and phosphate and their incorporation in the bone matrix.

D-vitamins or calciferols arise from provitamins by the UV radiation of sunlight catalyzed splitting of the B-ring of the steran backbone. In the skin, formed vitamin D3 is bound to a vitamin D binding-protein in the plasma, transported into the liver and hydroxylated in position 25 to form 25-OH vitamin D3. Another hydroxylation is performed in the kidney to yield 1,25 (OH)2 vitamin D3 and 24,25 (OH)2 vitamin D3.   1,25 (OH)2 vitamin D3 is the metabolic most active form of vitamin D.  Nevertheless, more than 95% of 25-OH vitamin D is 25-OH vitamin D3.  A lack of vitamin D leads in growing humans and animals can lead to rickets, hypocalcaemia and secondary hyperparathyroidism and in adults to osteomalacia.

The Eagle Biosciences 25-OH Vitamin D3 HPLC Assay kit makes it possible to determine the vitamin in an easy, fast and precise method. The kit includes all reagents in ready to use form for preparation and separation of the samples with exception of the column (IC3401rp) and the controls (IC3401ko). Both can be supplied by Eagle Biosciences.  Beside the complete test kit, it is possible to order all components separately. Please request our single component price list.

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