The Vedolizumab(Entyvio®)Antibodies Elisa Assay can be found in Eagle Biosciences’ Drug Monitoring Assay Kit Line. The Drug Monitoring Assay Kit line offers a wide range of kits for the to measure the presence and effectiveness of a wide rang of drugs in the body.

Our Vedolizumab Antibodies Elisa Assay measures the presence of anti-Verdolizumab antibodies in the blood.

What are the benfits to measuring Vedolizumab Antibodies?

The drug Vedolizumab is a humanised immunoglobulin G1 monoclonal antibody that binds exclusively to the lymphocyte integrin α4β7. It is used for the treatment of moderately to severely ulcerative colitis [UC] or Crohn’s disease [CD]. During treatment, the presence of persistent anti-Vedolizumab antibody can be observed to substantially reduce serum concentrations of Vedolizumab in the bloodstream, either to undetectable or negligible levels, reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

The Eagle Biosciences Antibody to Vedolizumab ELISA Assay kit has been designed for the measurement of free antibodies against this drug to detect treatment effectiveness.