ILite® Anti-CD20 ADCC Activity Set is for Research Use Only in the US.  Not to be used for Diagnostic Procedures.

Eagle Biosciences is proud to announce the launch of the iLite ADCC Activity Assay product line and the iLite anti-CD20 ADCC Activity Set.

Rituximab, a chimeric monoclonal antibody against CD20, was one of the first therapeutic antibodies within the oncology field to receive approval by the FDA in 1997. Ever since biosimilar and innovative biologicals with similar mechanism of action have been developed and marketed.

Antibody-dependent cell-medicated cytotoxicity (ADCC) can now, using our new iLite®ADCC Activity Assays, be measured in a straight forward, sensitive and reproducible manner.

ILite® Anti-CD20 ADCC Activity Set is a great addition to EagleBio’s Drug Monitoring kit Line which offers a unique grouping of products that provide incredible value to pre-clinical and clinical pharmacology studies, cancer research, and more specifically anti-tumor therapeutic investigation and more.

Key Advantages

The iLite® anti-CD20 ADCC Activity Set

  • Comprehensive kit– Contains 3 different genetically modified cell lines (components also available separately):
    1. Reporter Effector cell,
    2. Positive Target cell
    3. Negative Target cell
  • Fast- results in 5 hours- this set of cells enables measurements of an anti-CD20 drug’s ability to induce ADCC,
  • Easy- NO Cell culturing isrequired
  • Flexible– Effector cells, which can be used with any Target cell, include a normalization readout which can adjust for differences in cell counts.