Product Highlights: ADMA Fast ELISA


Biosciences’ Cardiovascular Assay Kit Line is comprised of a full list of
unique assays for the comprehensive determination of important and emerging
biomarkers of cardiovascular disease. Our ADMA Fast ELISA
is one of the unique assays in the this Cardiovascular Assay Kit Line that offers a variety of advantages over competing kits such as excellent
specificity, sensitivity, and excellent correlation to LC-MS/MS.

Why Measure ADMA (Asymmetric

ADMA is an endogenous
molecule which can be detected in human blood and urine and it acts as an
inhibitor of nitric oxide (NO) synthesis [2]. Elevated ADMA levels indicate the presence of a variety of diseases and
health conditions. Vallance et. al decribes, “Many researchers
today agree that ADMA may play a prominent role in the pathogenesis and in the
progression of cardiovascular diseases – specifically atherosclerosis” [1]. The measurement of ADMA levels in serum or
plasma provides incredible value and insight beyond traditional risk markers in
cardiovascular research.

Key Advantages of EagleBio’s ADMA

  • Excellent specificity
  • High Sensitivity
  • Excellent correlation to LC-MS/MS
  • Precise results under 3 Hours


1. Parlak, Adem et al. The effect of valsartan and nebivolol treatment on ADMA and pentraxin-3 levels in hypertensive patientsMedical Hypotheses; 2012. 79(3): 294 – 298.

2. Vallance P, Leone A, Calver A, Collier J, Moncada S. Endogenous dimethylarginine as an inhibitor of nitric oxide synthesis. J. Cardiovasc. Pharmacol. 1992; 20(12): S60 – S62.


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