A recent study at Vanderbilt University focused on investigating the various metabolites of olives and their anticancer properties.  This research was based on previous metabolomic studies identifying potential candidates for topoisomerase II poisons (agents for anticancer therapy). Researchers tested several olive metabolites and successfully demonstrated that three of them enhanced DNA cleavage and acted as covalent topoisomerase II poisons. In addition, extracts from other olive tree species, as well as a commercial olive leaf supplement and extra virgin olive oils also enhanced DNA cleavage by topoisomerase II-alpha.  Read More

The findings from this research supports and may contribute to the cancer preventive properties attributed to a Mediterranean diet. A Mediterranean diet provides several benefits beyond providing these anticancer properties such as:

1. Heart-healthy diet as well as provides positive effects for overall health

2. Contains the most nutrient dense foods in the world that are filling but low in calories

3. Encompasses a variety of foods that have healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids.

4. It is gluten free and inexpensive.


image above fromnews.vanderbilt.edu

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