New Study Utilizing EagleBio’s  Human Adiponectin ELISA Assay Kit



EagleBio is pleased to share a recent publication below referencing the use of our Human Adiponectin ELISA Assay Kit. This Adiponectin ELISA Kit  is a quick, simple, and sensitive assay for the quantitative determination of  human adiponectin in human serum and plasma. This assay is a part of our Endocrine Assay Kit Line, a line that offers a comprehensive product grouping of unique and for measuring a variety of analytes for diabetes and obesity research.  


Publication Citing EagleBio’s Human Adiponectin ELISA Assay Kit:

Effect of coenzyme Q10 on glycaemic control, oxidative stress and adiponectin in type 2 diabetes


This study was planned to investigate the effect of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplementation on glycaemic control, oxidative stress (OS), and adiponectin levels in type 2 diabetic (T2DM) patients. It is the first study on diabetic patients focused on evaluating the effect of CoQ10 on adiponectin levels.

In conclusion, after eight weeks of supplementation with CoQ10 , it may reduce OS in T2DM patients but it may not change glycaemic control and adiponectin levels. In order to confirm this effect, further investigations with larger populations and longer periods are required.


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