New Drug Target to Increase Bone Formation and Treat Multiple Diseases

Recent research at the Scripps Research Institute focused on developing a new drug by investigating a protein known as PPARG (known as the master regulator of fat) and how it can affect the stem cells of the bone marrow.The team of scientists in the Translational Research Institute at Scripps has designed a compound called SR2595 to be used it to repress the PPARG protein. Their studies revealed that by reducing PPARG, they were able to promote bone formation by inducing the formation of osteoblasts (cells that help bone tissue to form).  

PPARG’s close relation to several proteins with known roles in disease provides hope for endless therapeutic opportunities. This is a ground-breaking discovery because this drug target not only could treat and possibly cure numerous bone-related diseases, but it also has enormous potential to treat a variety of other diseases. Read More

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