What is it AgarSqueezer intended for?

AgarSqueezer is a microscope slide chamber equipped with a molded agar-based compression system. Use it to assess cell response to short and long-term mechanical confinement within a physiological rigidity range.

It is very helpful if you want to analyze how your cells will react if you squeeze them for a prolonged period. Or if you want to study how mechanical confinement affects drug cell resistance. And if you want to perform immunostaining in situ.

Kit Description:

You can choose among 2 kits:

  • The “1 AgarSqueezer kit” contains 1 AgarSqueezer device
  • The “2 AgarSqueezers kit” contains 2 AgarSqueezers devices.

In addition to the device, each kit contains also:

  • 1 x insert to hold up to 2 AgarSqueezers on the microscope stage
  • 1 x 16G flat cut needle to make holes in the agar gel, facilitating diffusion of culture medium or drugs during the experiment
  • 1 x 20G flat cut needle (same)

For users who also need a wafer to mold agarose, contact us to learn about the four different heights we offer.


  1. Tunable stiffness in a physiological range [1-150] kPa – Use of agarose as a cheap and biocompatible polymer.
  2. Open access to the reservoir – Possibility to add drugs, and reagents. Easy medium renewal.
  3. Autoclavable and reusable systems.
  4. Compatibility with multiple microscopy techniques – Confocal, spinning, super-resolution. Open access for microscope objectives. Use of optical glass coverslip to make cells grow.
  5. Easy to recover coverslip with cells for subsequent molecular analysis – FACS, qPCR, Western-Blot, Immunoflourescence (possible in situ).
  6. Long-term analysis of the cell adaptation to confinement – Up to several days, for time-lapse studies.
  7. Study of the specific impact of mechanical loads on the biology of cells – Gas permeability of the system allows to get rid of the hypoxia conditions.
  8. Easy to assemble and disassemble the system

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