Maryland Study: EagleBio’s IGF-1 BIOTINYLATED (BIOTIN IGF-1)


IGF-1 BIOTINYLATED (BIOTIN IGF-1) is for Research Use Only. Not for diagnostic procedures.


Eagle Biosciences’ IGF-1 BIOTINYLATED (BIOTIN IGF-1 was recently utilized in a study conducted at Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research in Maryland. Our Biotin- R3 IGF-I is prepared by a selective biotinylation procedure and is offered in a stable and convenient lyophilized solution. Our technology permits biotinylation without loss of binding capacity to
IGFBP´s or IGF antibodies. Potential Applications: Western-ligand blotting,Western-ligand blots with biotinylated IGF-I and analogs, and ELISAs.



Mammalian cell transient expression, non-affinity purification, and characterization of human recombinant IGFBP7, an IGF-1 targeting therapeutic protein

It has been well documented that insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-
1) plays multiple roles during cancer development. Therefore, targeted
manipulation of IGF-1 signal pathway is an attractive strategy for cancer
treatment. Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 7 (IGFBP7), a nonIgG
protein, interacts directly with IGF-1 and VPS24. Read More


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