External Bionic Pancreas Device Brings Hope to Diabetics.

The bionic pancreas is just what it sounds like, a potential superhero for diabetics! It is a prototype device that has been designed to reduce the constant
burden of monitoring and adjusting blood sugar levels for the millions of
people with this disease. These trials so far have demonstrated its ability to not
only reduce the average blood sugar and reduce the risk of low blood sugar but
also to calculate the number of carbohydrates the diabetic is eating and
automatically give insulin as needed.  The
current model consists of three parts but will eventually be manufactured as a
single unit. Read more

product is still in the testing and trial phases but so far it has generated a
lot of attention in the scientific community and hope for these individuals and
their families. Read more

All of us have family, friends, or people we know who have
this disease. In fact, according to the CDC over 9% of the population in the
United States has diabetes. Could it really be possible for one device
to make such a difference?
After learning a little bit about this device,
we decided to find out what a couple of the diabetics in our lives
thought. One of these individuals
commented, “This is phenomenal, the ability to improve my health and lifestyle
with one device is just amazing.”  However, this excitement also comes with some concerns like “will
insurance cover it and if not, then only a select few could afford it.” Another
individual stated, “I absolutely want one of these. Not having to count my carbs, prick my
finger, or carry multiple devices…would make my life so much easier.”

Now let us know what you think.

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