A recent study was conducted by the University of Albany Cancer Research Center using Eagle Bioscience’s 25-OH Vitamin D ELISA from our Vitamin Assay Kit Line. The Vitamin Assay Kit line offered Eagle Biosciences provides unique and sensitive assays for measuring a variety of vitamin analytes in numerous fields of research.  Check the product page for full details on our 25-OH Vitamin D ELISA or view the links below for information about the study referencing this kit.



Adipose-specific Vdr deletion alters body fat and enhances mammary epithelial density


Study Summary:

The objective of this study was to examine the role of Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) in adipose tissue with a strong focus on the mammary gland. Vitamin D status has been associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome and several cancers such as colon and breast. It is known that adipocytes express VDR and obesity is a known risk factor for cancer. Researchers performing this study sought to explore the intricacies of adipocytes,the actions of vitamin D in adipose tissue, and how they may contribute to its cancer protective effects. 

The results of this study revealed that Vdr in mature adipocytes alters the metabolic response to high fat diets and exerts anti-proliferative effects on the mammary epithelium.

Eagle Biosciences’ 25-OH Vitamin D ELISA was used to measure 25-hydroxyvitamin D in serum samples. Read More


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