Eagle Biosciences Launches New Immunoaffinity Columns from BioTez GmbH.




Eagle Biosciences recently launched
new immunoaffinity columns from their partner, BioTez Berlin-Buch GmbH in
Germany.BioTez is an expert not only in
ELISAs but also immunoaffinity columns (IAC) with a strong focus on biotechnological
research and providing high quality products. Eagle’s partnership with BioTez began in the spring of this year
and has continued to be a fruitful relationship with new opportunities from
their continuous flow of innovative products.

“The immunoaffinity columns in this product
line offer excellent flow behavior, incredible robustness, and high permeability,
with no increased pressure required.”Dan Keefe, President of EagleBio commented, “We are pleased to be adding
more products from BioTez.”He
continued, “These columns offer many advantages and are manufactured using the
utmost quality in the areas of mycotoxin and vitamin analysis, two areas that
BioTez is highly specialized.”

products are currently for research use only. Check out the list below of new BioTez
immunoaffinity columns below. Visit the Eagle website www.EagleBio.com or
call 866-411-8023 for full details.



Fumonisin Immunoaffinity Column (3ml, 10 columns)

Aflatoxin Immunoaffinity Column (3ml, 10 columns)

Ochratoxin Immunoaffinity Column (3ml, 10 columns)

Vitamin B12 Immunoaffinity Column (3ml, 10 columns)

Folic Acid Immunoaffinity Column (3ml, 10 columns)

Biotin Immunoaffinity Column (3ml, 10 Columns)


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