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EagleBio’s Complement Assays are for Research Use only in the US. Not to be used for diagnostic procedures.


Eagle Biosciences’ Oxidative Stress Assay Kit line offers a complete group consisting of numerous valuable products for assisting scientists in fields of research such as diabetes, cancer, aging, and other similar areas of study.

Some of the most valuable kits in our Oxidative Stress Kit line are the Complement ELISA Assays which are unique, simple, objective, and effective methods for assessing the function of complement activity. Individually, each of these assays: Complement System Screen ELISA, Classical Pathway ELISA, MBL Pathway ELISA, and Alternative Pathway ELISA offer a variety of advantages over other competing kits such as ease of use and maximum accuracy. Collectively, this comprehensive line provides researchers with a kit for every complement research need by the ability to measure the three pathways separately or all three pathways together in one kit.

Why Measure Complement Activity with EagleBio’s Kits?

Evaluation of total complement function is essential in laboratory testing of the human complement system. Measuring all three pathways is the sure way to provide and accurate assessment of:

      • Complement activity of each individual pathway (Classical, MBL, Alternative)
      • Complement activity of the system as a whole
      • Individual and collective ability of pathways to perform various biological activities within the functional innate immune system.

EagleBio’s Complement Assays Kits are the only kits in the market to provide a complete picture of complement function.



Key Advantages of EagleBio’s Complement Assay Kit Line:

      • Simple ELISA methods vs cumbersome hemolytic assay methods of other competing assay lines. Our ELISAs provide amazing simplicity for several aspects:

        • Test Procedure
        • Result Interpretation
        • Automation
        • Standardization
      • Innovative and uniformly designed Complement Screen ELISA Kit to assess the whole complement system (all three pathways: Classical, MBL, Alternative) in one simple ELISA.
      • 3 Uniquely designed kits for measuring each individual pathway (Classical, MBL, Alternative) vs most competing kits that measure the Terminal Complement Complexes (TCC) as a measure of activity.


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