BNP Fragment (Nt-proBNP 8-29) ELISA Assay: Product Highlights

Eagle Biosciences’ BNP Fragment (Nt-proBNP 8-29) ELISA Assay Kit is a robust assay that provides reproducible and reliable results for the quantitative measurement of human BNP Fragment (Nt-proBNP 8-29) in serum, citrate plasma, EDTA plasma or heparin plasma. This assay is part of the Cardiovascular Assay Kit Line which is a unique and comprehensive list of products for the determination of important and emerging biomarkers of in field of cardiovascular disease. Our BNP Fragment (Nt- proBNP 8-29) ELISA  not only offers a direct means to measure Nt-proBNP (8-29) without the need of extraction but also a solid method to capture the most stable portion of the BNP analyte.


Why Measure BNP with EagleBio’s Kit?

BNP Fragment (Nt- proBNP 8-29) ELISA  Advantages:

  • Reproducible and Reliable Results
  • Direct Measurement with No Extraction
  • Simple Procedure for Use with Multiple Sample Types
  • Flexible Solution: Use for Manual or Automated Open Test Systems
  • Solid Method: Utilizes Stable Portion of the Molecule with Long Half-Life & Available in High Concentrations in Circulation


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