March 23, 2013: Berlin, Germany: BioTez Berlin-Buch GmbH signs Eagle Biosciences, Inc. as their exclusive distributor of the research use immunoassays for the North American market. BioTeZ Berlin-Buch GmbH is a company focused on biotechnological research and products. Eagle Biosciences is a premier supplier of unique and quality research and clinically relevant immunoassays and laboratory products.

Uwe Ahnert, Managing Director of BioTez is excited about the partnership, “With many years of successful experience in the research and clinical diagnostics markets, we are proud to have Eagle introduce our new diagnostic test recoveryELISA® which is aimed at testing therapeutic antibodies and antibody analogues. It is a patented technology and can be used for drugs already on the market like omalizumab or adalimumab as well as for drugs which are still in the development pipeline. The latter opens the possibility to combine drug and companion diagnostics from the very beginning.”

“BioTez is a very well established diagnostic company with a reputation of developing high quality products.” states Dan Keefe, President of Eagle Biosciences. “BioTez has a unique product line and they have enjoyed great success with clinical laboratories in Europe and Asia already. The recoveryELISA® product line is exceptional, supporting antibodies as drugs applications and enabling personalized medicine. Their diagnostic innovation is well tailored to support antibody design and drug design for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies. “

Keefe continued, “I have strong expectations that our Calprotectin ELISA assay kit will become an outstanding tool to researchers in the field. The product offers significant flexibility and efficiency as the kit can be used with most open automated assay systems. Looking forward, we will soon be complementing our ELISA product line with Calprotectin ELISA for serum/plasma in addition to other new kits in development that include NGAL ELISA for stool and MPO ELISA for stool.”

Eagle will be offering promotional pricing for these products over the next few months. These products are currently for research use only. Check out the Eagle website or call 866-411-8023 for full details.