Glycine ELISA Assay Kit


This Glycine ELISA Assay kit is an enzyme immunoassay intended for the quantitative determination of Glycine in urine samples.

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Glycine ELISA Assay Kit

For Research Use Only

Size: 1×96 wells
Sensitivity: 3.3 µg/ml
Standard Range: 10 – 1000 µg/ml
Incubation Time: overnight, 2 x 30 min
Sample Type: Urine
Sample Size: 20 µl

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Assay Principle

After derivatization Glycine is quantitatively determined by ELISA. The competitive ELISA uses the microtiter plate format. The antigen is bound to the solid phase of the microtiter plate. The derivatized standards, controls and samples and the solid phase bound analyte compete for a fixed number of antiserum binding sites. When the system is in equilibrium, free antigen and free antigen-antiserum complexes are removed by washing. The antibody bound to the solid phase is detected by an anti-rabbit IgG-peroxidase conjugate using TMB as a substrate. The reaction is monitored at 450 nm. Quantification of unknown samples is achieved by comparing their absorbance with a reference curve prepared with known standards.

Assay Procedure

Allow all reagents to reach room temperature and mix thoroughly by gentle inversion before use. Duplicate determinations are recommended. It is recommended to number the strips of the microwell plate before usage to avoid any mix-up. The binding of the antibodies and the enzyme conjugates and the activity of the enzyme used are temperature dependent, and the absorption values may vary if a thermostat is not used. The higher the temperature, the higher the absorption values will be. The absorption values also depend on the incubation times. The optimal temperature during the Enzyme Immunoassay is between 20 – 25 °C.


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