Catecholamine Sample Stabilizer (20 mL)


Catecholamine Sample Stabilizer (20 mL):
For Research Use Only

If collecting plasma samples for the Eagle Biosciences Adrenaline ELISA (ADR31-K01), Noradrenaline ELISA (NOR31-K01), Dopamine ELISA (DOP31-K01),and Bi-CAT ELISA (BCT31-K01) Assay kits, plasma samples should be centrifuged (preferable at 2-8 °C) immediately after collection and frozen. The samples are stable for up to 1 week at -20 °C.  

To  improve the stability with the Eagle Biosciences Adrenaline (ADR31-K01), Noradrenaline (NOR31-K01), and Dopamine ELISA (DOP31-K01) Assay kits, each  plasma sample  should  be  enriched  with  the  Sample  Stabilizer (max. 20% of the sample volume): 


Sample volume

Stabilizer volume

20 μl

4 μl

50 μl

10 μl

100 μl

20 μl

200 μl

40 μl

300 μl

60 μl

500 μl

100 μ

When the Catecholamine Sample Stabilizer is used, plasma samples are stable for up to 10 weeks at -20 °C.

NOTE:  The Adrenaline Sensitive ELISA, Noradrenaline Sensitive ELISA, Dopamine Sensitive ELISA, Mouse/Rat Adrenaline ELISA, Mouse/Rat Noradrenaline ELISA, Mouse/Rat Dopamine ELISA,  and Dopamine & Noradrenaline Sensitive ELISA already include this Sample Stabilizer in each kit.