EagleBio’s Latex Allergen FITkit® ELISAs: Product Highlights

Eagle Biosciences’ Latex Allergen FITkit® ELISAs offer a unique group of sensitive,
reliable, and valuable assays for the the measurement of relevant NRL allergens.
These assays are the first commerical
quantitative tests
to measure Natural Rubber Products (NRL) products. Our Latex Allergen FITkit® ELISAs utilize a
specialized technology with highly purified and characterized allergens
along with specific monoclonal
against the key latex allergens (Hev b 1, Hev b 3, Hev b 5 and
Hev b 6.02) in natural rubber latex (NRL) products. This technology allows for
measuring these key allergens individually with consistent and reliable results.

Why Measure Latex Allergens with
EagleBio’s Kit?

  • Latex
    Allergen FITkit® ELISAs Advantages:
  • Direct
    Measurement of Individual Allergens
  • Highly
    Purified & Characterized Allergens
  • Specific
    Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Excellent
  • Consistent
    and Reliable Results
  • Simple Procedure and
    Short Assay Time (< 2 hours)
  • No Interference from Other Substances

These assays were developed by leading
scientists in the field of NRL allergy in collaboration with major glove
manufacturers. These experts help us to provide the utmost relevant and useful
solution that offers excellent correlation to the allergen content of gloves measured
by currently available patient IgE methods.


  • Quality Control for Different Distribution Organizations or
  • Synthetic Product Contamination Control & Verification for
    Medical Use
  • Measurement of Latex Allergens in Finished Products or Different Phases in Production Line

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